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Welcome to my fanfiction LiveJournal

I use Forever Fandom as the main archive for my fanfiction, but this is a back-up so that my stories are still available if that site is ever down. You can also find my stories at InsaneJournal. Feel free to use whichever site works best for you!

Please use the following links to get started. Reviews and constructive criticisms are always welcome. I hope you enjoy :)

* Harry Potter fandom - Most of these stories are part of a long series, and should be read in the following order to get the full effect:

01. Love Sees More (PG-13)
02. Love Sees More 2: The Werewolf Colony (PG-13)
03. Shades of Grey: Althea's Story (work-in-progress, R)
04. The Return of Padfoot (PG)
05. Hermione Changes Heart (PG)
06. Love Sees More 3: Greyback's Pack (R)
07. No Place Like Home for the Holidays (PG-13)
08. Stolen: Greyback's Revenge (PG-13)
09. A Girl for Moony (PG-13)
10. This Dance (PG-13)
11. A Quest for Moony (PG-13)
12. A Gift for Moony (PG-13)
13. If You're Not the One (PG-13)
14. Harry Potter and the Lost Prophecy (PG-13)
15. It's Not Easy to be Me (PG-13)
16. Judgement (PG)
17. Pumpkin (G)
18. Harry Potter and the Secret (PG)
19. A Surprise for Padfoot (PG-13)
20. The Rose (PG-13)
21. Of Pearls and Stars (PG-13)
22. Princess (G)
23. Shandurai: Year One (PG)
24. Over the Moon (PG-13)
25. Love Isn't Perfect (PG-13)
26. Or Else I Shall be Lost (PG-13)
27. Because of You (PG-13)
28. Shandurai: Year Two (PG-13)
29. The Curse of the Marauder's Map (PG-13)
30. How Do You Like Me Now? (G)
31. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (PG-13)
32. Love Isn't Perfect 2: Life After Love (PG-13)
33. Time After Time (PG-13)
34. Sunburned (PG-13)
35. Breakaway (G)
36. Sunburned 2: Remus's Revenge (PG-13)
37. Sunburned 3: Sirius's Revenge (PG-13)
38. And the Rain Goes On (PG-13)
39. Shandurai: Year Three (PG-13)
40. Escape (PG-13)
41. Spiked Pumpkin Juice (PG-13)
42. Magic Works (PG-13)
43. Duck, Duck, Goose (PG)
44. Love Isn't Perfect 3: Shadows of Hope (R)
45. You Raise Me Up (PG)
46. In Her Eyes (PG-13)
47. Torn (PG-13)
48. Shandurai: Year Four (PG-13)
49. Love Isn't Perfect 4: Missing Pieces (work-in-progress, PG-13)
50. The Riddle (PG)
51. 100 Years (PG-13)

The following stories are pretty canon-compliant (with the exception of some that were written before books six and seven), so they may be read at any time. I've attempted to put them in chronological order, but they can be read in any order.
52. Terrible But Great (work-in-progress, PG)
53. Full Moon Eyes (G)
54. Name (Sirius/Remus, PG-13)
55. Deny Thy Brother (PG)
56. The Beauty in Others (G)
57. Lily, Did You Know? (PG)
58. It's Been Awhile (Sirius/Remus, NC-17)
59. Unwell (PG)
60. The Diary of Moony (PG)
61. You Found Me (PG)
62. The Diary of Padfoot (PG)
63. A Day in the Life of a Dementor (PG)
64. Transformations (PG)
65. Field of Innocence (PG)
66. A Shadow (PG)
67. A Shadow 2: Blue Moons and Broken Promises (PG)
68. The Perfect Guardians (PG)
69. Blue Christmas (PG)
70. Night Terrors (Sirius/Harry/Remus, NC-17)
71. A Single Soul (PG)
72. Percy Weasley: Through the Looking Glass (PG)
73. Tears in Heaven (PG)
74. Never Goodbye (PG)
75. To Where You Are (G)
76. Healing Wounds (Remus/Harry, PG-13)
77. The Return of Padfoot: The Original Alternate Version (PG-13)
78. The Search is Over (PG-13)
79. The Boy Who Lived of Hogwarts (PG-13)
80. The Spell of Dreams (PG-13)
81. Lucky Number Seven (PG-13)
82. Perspective: The Window to Within (PG-13)
83. Darkness Falls (R)
84. Shattered (Sirius/Harry, NC-17)
85. Shattered 2: Picking Up the Pieces (Sirius/Harry, NC-17)
86. Shattered 3: Friends and Lovers (Sirius/Harry, NC-17)
87. I'll Be Home for Christmas (PG)
88. Till Death Do Us Part (PG)
89. Never Goodbye 2 (PG)
90. Forever and a Day (PG)
91. Assorted Nuts (G)
92. Father Figure (G)

* Batman (1966) fandom:

93. On Wings of Steel (work-in-progress, PG)

* The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas fandom:

94. A Family Divided (PG-13)

* The Dead Zone fandom - Please read in the following order:

95. Missing (PG-13)
96. Lost October (work-in-progress, PG-13)

( Alphabetical listing of my stories )
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